Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Today's Lunch

In my plan, I've mentioned that I have the things I want, but plan for them and have them in moderation. Last night, I was craving pizza. I actually haven't had pizza for quite some time (at least 2 months, probably more). It just hasn't been on my radar. Today, I decided to act on my desires in a controlled fashion and purchased a tiny single-serving frozen pizza. The pizza is 5.5" in diameter. It's the perfect size for lunch.

The main problem with this pizza is that it doesn't have enough protein in its default state. It's mainly bread with a little sauce, cheese, and a few anemic slices of salami. To boost the protein, I added 1/4 of a can of water-packed tuna (seriously drained). I actually prefer to boost the protein with leftover chicken breast, but I didn't have any on hand today. I know that tuna on pizza sounds pretty disgusting to some people, but it's little different than having other types of seafood on pizza. I really enjoyed it with generous splashes of Tabasco and was very full after eating it. Because of the heat from the Tabasco, I had a full 16 oz. of Diet Coke with this lunch, which is more than usual.

I had the pizza with a bagged cabbage salad (green and red cabbage, a bit of cucumber and a little lettuce) and 2 tbsp. of oil-free Asian-style sesame dressing. I rarely buy bagged salads, but I was feeling lazy and I rarely eat cabbage so I didn't want to have too much on hand.

I consider my pizza craving satisfied for now, and at a very low "price". :-) Later, I figure I'll be having some fruit or avocado for a snack given the low calorie count on this meal.


pizza: 251 calories
tuna: 52 calories
cabbage salad: 20 calories
sesame dressing: 16 calories
total calories: 339 calories


ASTRA REED said...

This is good to know that you are diet concious .. and yea very true that what we eat increases daily calories in our body.. so regular calories check up.. is also very beneficial..

KyokoCake said...

It really makes me feel good to see another person that's not denying themselves!! I can't make it without having a sweet here or something cheesy there :) it's all about moderation and glad that your pizza was delicious!

screaming fatgirl said...

Hi, KyokoCake, and thank you for your comment!

I'm hoping that not denying myself will make this easier to establish as a life-long pattern of moderation. I can't say that it will be that way, but I'm hoping, and "so far, so good." ;-)