Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Thyroid Test

I finally had the thyroid test done, and the results were not what I had hoped for. Half of my thyroid is enlarged and has a tumor on it (a "lesion"). Because of the bureaucratic health care system in the country I'm residing in, I have to struggle to get a biopsy done quickly. Essentially, I have to call for an emergency appointment along with all of the people who have a cough or stubbed their toes and believe they absolutely need to see a doctor.

This is very stressful for me, and the worst part of it at this point in time is not knowing exactly what my disposition will be and feeling that no one in the medical system is particularly interested in how leaving me in limbo about my status causes me difficulty. The doctors won't tell me anything about possibilities and say "they can't be sure". They're more interested in covering their asses than informing the patient and answer the questions with responses which are little different from a shoulder shrug.

I'm treating this at present as a condition to be treated rather than a death sentence or an imminent diagnosis of cancer. I know that many women suffer thyroid issues which do not result in cancer diagnoses, but my fears that, if I ever lost weight again and resolved most of my issues, "God" would give me cancer seem to be headed for some sort of realization. I know this is a pessimistic attitude born of years of suffering and feeling that I am destined to be unhappy. It does not serve me well, and I will fight it. 

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-Maura said...

Hi there. I'm sorry received the not so great news. I think sometimes the not knowing is so much worse than knowing.

You are right, many women do have thyroid issues (I wonder why?) and they survive them. I don't know if you read the blog, Keeping it Off by Sandrelle. She lost over 100 lbs and has maintained the weight loss - despite developing a thyroid issue. Sandrelle writes about it her: http://www.maintainmyweight.blogspot.com/search/label/Thyroid

I hope you get through the bureaucracy and further testing shows nothing serious.

All the best,