Monday, August 1, 2011


I haven't been to a doctor in ages, because I know that all they will tell me is "lose weight". I also haven't had any health problems that I felt could benefit from treatment (my back pain was addressed, and not helped long ago) so I've avoided doctors both because they treat me rudely and poorly (as in, they don't do anything but look at me and conclude all problems stem from my weight) and won't do anything to actually help. Telling me "lose weight" wasn't helpful, since obviously I couldn't at that time.

Today, I went to a place which happened to have a public blood pressure cuff which you could put your arm in and test yourself without scrutiny or judgement. My blood pressure was 122/67 with a resting heart rate of 78 bps. I didn't even know what those numbers meant as I'm always worried being too medically knowledgeable will just send me into some sort of hypochondriacal stress fit, but my husband said they were quite reasonable. Looking them up online, I now have no concerns about blood pressure for now.

I'm still planning to go for a full check-up in September, but this was an encouraging start and a way of desensitizing myself to the tests I'll be receiving before I actually take them.