Monday, August 29, 2011


I'm sure that every person who tries to lose weight reaches this point, and I have been fortunate up to this point not to have experienced one, but I'm currently in an extended weight loss plateau. My weight has been hovering in the low to high 180's for quite some time now, though I honestly have seen bodily changes which would indicate that fat loss continues but overall weight is not changing.

While this would be a point of despair for most people, and I am less than thrilled with being "stuck" (for reasons I will get to), I'm not surprised nor incredibly upset. For one thing, I know that this is natural and normal. I have no plans to do anything other than "stay the course" and wait for my body to do whatever it's going to do. Since my approach all along was to pretty much live the rest of my life this way, it's not like I'm waiting to jump back into eating more or moving less. At the end of the line, there won't be much more eating and there isn't that much moving now. I walk and do some very modest stretching and weight lifting, but the latter two are done for strength and fitness, not weight loss.

The main reason I'm not happy about the stuck scale is that I know that in about 7 months I'll have to buy health insurance in the United States and all they will care about is the number on the scale when assessing my rates. While I may not care about this number or how long it is "stuck", they certainly will. That being said, I know I can't do anything about it so there's no point in getting overly worked up about it. I know how much I eat. I know how much I exercise. I know that I am living reasonably and far more healthily than most people.

There is an interesting side note to all of this and that is that at one point I used the Dukan Diet (which I do not follow) "true weight calculator". When I did it, it said that I am at my true weight and that it was 84 kg. (about 186 lbs.), which is where it has been stuck for awhile. It said something like, 'you do not need to lose more weight and are at your true weight.' Unfortunately, the people who will be charging me a fortune for insurance are unlikely to concur.

So, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and try not to fall into the pit so many people on plateaus experience. I don't feel close to the edge of such a feeling. I'm not exactly doing cartwheels at being stuck here, but it's okay. It'll all work out eventually and I'm not struggling to live life within the liberal limits I set for myself anyway.