Tuesday, December 1, 2009


For the first time in many years, I actually know my bra size. That may sound strange, but the truth is that I’ve been wearing the same two increasingly frayed and deteriorating, stretched-out bras for a very long time. That may sound kind of gross, but let me say that I don’t sweat much at all so it’s not like they were getting stinky with repeated wearing (and honestly, I do laundry every other day so it’s not like I couldn’t wash and swap them out). The not sweating thing should actually be another “fat myth” posting because many people seem to believe fat people sweat after the smallest bit of exertion. I rarely sweat after a great deal of exertion, and it’s rather a problem in summer when I feel like I’m baking in my skin with no (or little) surface cooling from sweat.

Getting back to the point though, the bras I’ve been wearing have been ill-fitting for quite some time. My breasts were spilling out the sides to some extent and the straps kept falling down. At one point they were too tight and more recently too loose. They’re so old that the size information has completely worn off and all that has been left behind are blank, frayed tags.

I decided that I’d lost enough weight to justify new bra purchases and measured myself using on-line guidelines. Honestly, bra size is rather tricky to establish. You’re supposed to measure two different ways in order to determine circumference and cup size and in the end, I just sort of guessed a bit on the small side. I chose smaller than I thought I’d need based on measurements because I have a 38 C on hand from when I’d lost weight so long ago and I just wanted to bridge the gap between what I was (whatever it was) and being able to get back into that tiny, tiny bra again.

My measurements seemed to say I was a 48, and I guessed D as a cup size, so I bought 44Ds thinking I’d get into them soon enough. It turns out that I either suck at measuring or the online instructions to add two inches to my measurements were wrong. The 44Ds fit a little tightly, but can be worn now without discomfort. Why am I making a big deal about a new bra? Well, they make a huge difference in my appearance. Having a proper-fitting bra with the right cup size helps bring out the effects of my weight loss more profoundly. When I see myself, I can see a new body definition and it makes me feel better than before.

I also feel like I’ve got another benchmark for judging my progress. With my old bras being stretched out and unmarked for size, and my not knowing the original size, it was hard to know how many sizes down I may have gone. Now, I know that I am at somewhat tight 44D and will be able to note progress from this point onward.


dlamb said...

ABSOLUTELY to both issues. The myth about the fat/overweight "sweating like pigs", I believe is the charming expression, as well as the well fitting bra making a huge difference to one's disposition and ability to see physical changes are so, so true.
Like my mother, I am a "face sweater". 129 pounds or 230, my face reacts like it has tiny faucets that cannot be turned off, when it is warm outside. Like a mini waterfall, sweat covers my eyes, my entire face and literally drips off my chin. My sweat plasters my already superfine hair to my scalp, so that I look bald. I do not sweat anywhere else. I would think that one's propensity to sweat profusely may have more to do with genetics and the concentration of sweat glands in specific places of our bodies than our weight. I am certain that there are exceptions and perhaps some people sweat more based on their weight by not according to my experience and others, like you.
I'll bet that 44D has long been relegated to the trash bin!

screaming fatgirl said...

I've been a pragmatist about clothes throughout my weight loss and I modified the 44D as I lost more weight. Yes, I "took in" a bra. ;-) I used them for a long time until I could weird the 38C again. The C cup is still too small, but the width was fine for awhile.

Bras, like other clothes, vary in their proportions and I now have access to a thrift shop at which I picked up a new bra, a 34 DD, for a dollar. The cup size fits perfectly and the width is a little tight, but not uncomfortably so. I'd guess my proper size is a 36 D/DD now.

The thing is that my breasts are like war victims from my weight loss. They do not look good and a lot of what I'm stuffing in the cups is skin more so than firm tissue. It's nasty when I'm naked (I have ancient granny boobs at 47), but looks fine when I'm clothed. It can't be helped though and I'm not complaining at all.

I still don't sweat though. Some things don't change. ;-)