Thursday, December 10, 2009

(About) A Third of the Way There

I've mentioned before that I don't weigh myself, but rather measure by look, feel, and clothing. I've noticed that drops in weight tend to be noticeable in little hops. It's rather like walking along the same road for awhile then suddenly finding you are stepping down rather than walking down a slow incline. This is fine with me as I'm seeing what others are seeing in terms of (subjective) progress rather than some arbitrary (objective) number on a machine.

My sense right now, if I had to guess, is that I'm down about 70-75 lbs, and my overall impression is that I've lost about one-third of the weight that I would like to lose. Now that winter has come around, I have a whole other set of clothes to measure progress against and it is pretty gratifying. There's a particular winter shirt which is very long that I had to stretch (with considerable, but not fabric-tearing resistance) to pull over my belly last year that now fits somewhat loosely around the bottom. Since my stomach has shrunk much less than the rest of my body (much to my dismay), this has made me pretty happy. Despite my impression that the old belly isn't moving much at all, this is proof that it certainly is.

For now, I'm staying the course. My guess is that there will come a point (likely as I approach the sub-200 lb. level) where I'll have to shake things up to keep up the steady progress. Right now, I've got two more years to reach my goal so I'm pleased with how things are progressing.


Phat Fighter said...

congradulations. hearing your progress keeps the rest of us going till we see ours

screaming fatgirl said...

Thanks for the support! I appreciate it so much!