Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturday: October 3, 2009 (late posting)

Last night, I noticed another change in my body which was encouraging. I noticed that my belly apron is hanging a little higher. This sounds gross, but it's hard to talk about your bodily changes without discussing such things, but there is air getting to places that weren't getting any exposure before. This, and a successful Saturday total made for a generally good day on the weight loss front.

I have adopted the use of reduced calorie margarine in my eating patterns with some reluctance. I don't want to eat butter because it is so dense in calories, but find that adding a fat-based spread to my breakfast keeps me sated longer. I'm partial to having small pieces of quick breads made with whole wheat flour and mashed fruit (bananas or apples) or vegetables (pumpkin or sweet potato) with little or no sugar in them for breakfast and they see me through much better if I lightly spread them with a fat. Note that I have to make such things myself in order to have control over the sugar content and to be sure it's truly whole wheat flour and not some mix of white and wheat. Given the choice of extended satiety and 35 added calories of margarine or 70 added calories of butter, I'm taking the low road (as it were).

I realize that I can avoid this issue entirely by eating yogurt or oatmeal, but I know my tastes and limits. If I hate what I'm eating, I'm almost certainly going to fail in changing my lifestyle. It's not that I hate either yogurt or oatmeal, but rather that I can't stomach eating them all of the time. I'd rather figure out a way to eat various enjoyable (but nutritious) things and stay sufficiently low calorie as well. Margarine, like diet sodas, is an evil I'll endure for awhile. That being said, I don't eat it everyday.

My daily total was 1410 for Saturday and the menu plan was similar to that on Thursday - sweet potato bread with margarine and coffee for breakfast, chef's salad for lunch, banana smoothie and crackers for a snack, and chicken with vegetable soup for dinner.