Friday, November 27, 2009

So Creaky and Clumsy

I mentioned several posts ago that I had bought a DVD to try and do some more exercise. The disc I bought, incidentally, is "Moving Free Longevity Solution" by Mirabai Holland. I chose it because the reviews mention that it's good for people who have never taken a class in aerobics, and it mentions that it is good for older people. Though I'm 45, and not a boomer or senior, I feel like my mobility due to back and knee problems, as well as weight, is poor and I need something which won't tax me too much as a start.

I tossed the DVD in the player yesterday and gave it a try and I can't say that I was impressed with myself at all. Either because of poor coordination, lack of fitness, or weight-related issues, I couldn't keep up with the instructions. Ms. Holland is often a step or two ahead of me, even on the slow moves. I also have problems with my knees cracking like they're filled with broken glass on some of the positions so I'm going to have to modify things a bit.

The truth is that I got through only about 3-5 minutes of the dance before I stopped. I may be exceptionally clumsy, or just horrifically bad at free-flowing motions, but I just felt like I couldn't keep tabs on what I was supposed to be doing.

Despite what a big, lumbering ox I feel like, I'm going to keep at it slowly but surely. It seems that all of my exercise attempts have to be done by inches rather than by miles, or even feet. I feel like I'm crawling in terms of physical fitness improvement, and it can be discouraging. However, if I can walk up to 40 minutes when I couldn't walk even for 5 at first, I know that those inches will add up eventually and I'll get stronger.

In terms of this DVD, I'm guessing I'll have to repeat the first 3-5 minutes again and again before I catch on enough to do a few more minutes. Eventually, I'll be able to follow and keep up throughout the whole thing. That will be another milestone that I can note when the time comes.

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dlamb said...

Again, though I know this was several years ago, I believe that 40 min. walk was spectacular for somebody who did not do it on a regular basis.
I intended to mention this the last time I responded to your topic re. exercise but I forgot. I have tried several treadmills that were supposed to have zero incline but they always hurt my hips, even when I had no hip or weight problems. These were high end treadmills, not the kind whose belts needed to be operated by one's own steam.
Uncharacteristically, during one of my highly motivated stages, I used a Pilates DVD and was quite awkward at first. I am reasonably well coordinated, flexible and have experience, muscle mass and a general comfort level with "floor exercises" and I was glad that nobody could see me struggling. I believe that if one is not accustomed to following the directions of a leader and attempts unfamiliar exercises and moves, no matter the weight and agility, we all feel kind of...dorky.