Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fat Myth #2 - fat people eat constantly

On the T.V. show "Friends", the character of Monica Gellar used to be fat, but lost weight and kept it off in her late teens. Sometimes, the show does flashbacks where Courtney Cox puts on a fat suit and we see her as she supposedly was as a fat girl. They showed her eating all of the time and ordering food deliveries just for herself.

The idea that fat people eat all of the time is, at best, a half truth. The notion that they are eating a lot in front of other people is a complete lie. Most fat people are like alcoholics. They eat in secret and often in mindless binges which provide psychological comfort. The last thing a fat person wants to do is to be seen gorging because he or she will be seen as disgusting for having the audacity to eat while being fat.

In fact, when I was in high school, I wouldn't even eat lunch in front of the other students. In a move that I'm sure screwed me up good and proper on the metabolic front, I wouldn't eat all day and then binged from around 4:00 pm when I got home from school. To this day, I won't eat much in front of other people and I don't even want my husband to necessarily see how much I eat because it's humiliating to be seen as enjoying food. No matter how little or what I eat, I'm embarrassed about it because of the shame of being a fat person who actually eats.

So, the whole idea that fat people eat all of the time is just as wrong as the notion that an alcoholic keeps a flask of liquor in his pocket at all times for fortifying nips or a drug addict walks around with needles stuck in his arm. Of course, fat people eat too much, but they tend to do it all at once rather than in view of judging eyes or around the clock.