Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturday: September 19, 2009 (late posting)

I'm starting to find it difficult to post as frequently to this blog for various reasons. One is that this account is separated from the others that I do in order to maintain anonymity from readers of my other blogs. Accessing this one requires me to sign out of one identity and log in under another. I'm hoping to make a little money (some day) off of the other blogs and I don't want fat-hating bias to influence my readership. Yes, I'm that sure there is weight-related prejudice. It's not like I haven't spent most of my life experiencing it.

Another reason is that I've gotten a lot of things off of my chest about issues already and don't have as much to say. There's still more, of course, but I'm finding it harder to find the time to say such things at the right moment. By the time I have a chance to write about them here, I've forgotten them!

Getting to the last Saturday of calorie counting though... My counts were around 1400, which was good, but I'm starting to develop an issue with chocolate, which is bad. That is, I'm not scarfing down vast quantities of it, but I am wasting up to 200 calories per day on it. Mainly, I'm a victim of eating those lovely 100 calorie York wafer bars and then nibbling on 2-3 pieces of small (Hershey's Kiss size) chocolates. I'm finding it harder to put the breaks on once I get started and have to mentally "shake" myself to stop. This is a slippery slope, and a wise person would probably get off the top of the hill and stop taking chances. I'm hoping to do better.

My bodily changes continue to be noticeable at a reasonable pace. I'd say that I'm likely losing 10 lbs. a month on average. Right now, I've noticed that my bulges are starting to resemble deflating balloons. I've noticed that my belly apron has shrunk such that more of my upper thighs are showing and all of my flabbiness is getting softer and squishier as the fat cells shrink and the skin goes slack. I sometimes wonder how long it will take for the stretched skin to retract (and if it ever will entirely), but that's not really my main concern right now.

I'm also noticing that I'm closing in on starting to swim in my current shirts. They were a bit loose to begin with, but now it's almost to the stage where it's hard to position the neckline so it doesn't sag down like some Flashdance era sweatshirt. The only difference is that I'm not Jennifer Beals and it's not sexy having my bra straps revealed by my too large shirts. All in all though, it's a good sign, but I'm going to need some new shirts soon.