Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday: September 4, 2009

This was a pretty busy day work-wise and socially speaking, and I wasn't as "tight" about eating as I sometimes am, but didn't go over 1300 calories (at least by my rough calculations - it was 1270). I started the day with something which felt indulgent, but ended up being pretty good at seeing me through. I made dry French toast with one egg, one piece of white bread, two packets of Splenda, vanilla, and cinnamon which I cooked in reduced-calorie margarine. I was worried about the white bread, but it seems the egg balanced the blood sugar issues I have when eating white bread and I felt sated for about 4 hours.

I'll definitely make this French toast again because it was sweet, crispy, and filling (even without syrup or butter), but next time I'll throw a few more calories into the mix and cook with real butter. The reduced calorie stuff was so watery that it added no taste at all and the bread stuck to the pan while cooking. Given how little fat it takes to cook in a non-stick pan, I figure it's worth a bit more to have the flavor of butter.

In the evening, as is often the case, I had some problems which I dealt with by having 1/2 a pear, some crackers and some soup. Even though my count crept up near 1300 on a day when I want to do 1200, I was relatively pleased as I didn't eat at any time when I wasn't hungry and felt largely in control when I ate. That's often the bigger indicator of my sense of success than the actual counting as it influences my confidence in having such control throughout the week and in the distant future.

I read a bit about the New York City advertisement against drinking sugary sodas. That's the one where a hand pours a Coca-Cola-style bottle into a glass and the soda turns into human fat. The whole notion is to shock people. Personally, I don't know if the ad will work, but I haven't drank sugar-based sodas for a long time. I always drink diet sodas. I doubt most weight problems are based on soda consumption in large part, particular when you hear so many fat bashers mocking overweight people for ordering diet drinks with their super-size burgers and fries. The poster is just another simple solution to a complicated problem, and I expect it to generate more talk than good results.