Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Saturday: September 24, 2009 (late posting)

Lately, Saturdays have been so packed with work and extra household activity that I can't find a moment to clear my head and blog. Fortunately, last Saturday was easily successful due to having a vegetarian day and judicious allocation of calories. I finished the day at 1405 thanks to a yogurt parfait for breakfast (yogurt layered with tiny amounts of honey and half a banana), hummus for lunch, a banana smoothie, and a chef's salad for dinner. The snack was cheese and pretzels in carefully controlled portions.

That being said, I'm starting to grow impatient with my "watch my body" change progress checking. Part of the problem with it is that progress can only be measured in noticeable hops and there are stretches of time when I note no progress. When the time comes and I suddenly note some difference (like I'm swimming in my shirts), it's very gratifying, but there are weeks when I think I should try out the scale. That being said, I'm still worried that seeing real numbers may have a more harmful effect than beneficial one. The bottom line is not knowing how far I have to go or how far I've gone tends to be more encouraging than discouraging.